Founded in 1989, Technocrats has achieved consistent growth and excellence through adherence to high standards of quality and a deep understanding of technology solutions. We understand technology and how technology both affects and is affected by people and organizations. Knowledge, thoughful approaches and excellent communication make us an ideal partner to help you achieve your technology goals.

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At Technocrats we listen to you and work with you to provide effective information technology solutions designed specifically for you. Our understanding of business, technology and people allow us to effectively leverage technology to enhance your business. We take pride in our unique ability to transform our knowledge into answers for the real-world.


Cybersecurity and Privacy


Whether you have a single computer or several, we will work with you to understand the systems and information you would like to protect. Next, we will help you understand the potential threat pathways and develop a plan to minimize likely risks.


Privacy means something different to each of us. We often exchange some information for something we value in some way. For example, we may use a loyalty card during checkout to receive discounts in exchange for the store tracking our purchases. However, we may not fully understand how our data will be used and how widely it will be distributed.

We can help you understand the privacy impacts of your technology use and how to mitigate these impacts.


Information Technology Project Management and Support

Most Information Technology projects fail. The vast majority of these failures are related to management and communication issues, not the technology itself (refer to Seven Reasons IT Projects Fail ). Proper structuring of your technology project to phase development will help distribute costs and reduce risk (refer to The Incremental Commitment Spiral Model (ICSM) ). We can help you:

Your succes is the foundation of our success and we are committed to helping you succeed.



We work with Windows based PCs, Apple computers and a wide variety of application software. A sampling of the support we provide is:



Technocrats has over twenty-nine years of application programming and database development experience to focus on your project. Programming is the core of our business. At Technocrats, we enjoy writing code and we continually strive to perfect our craft. This ability allows us to provide you with the maximum solution in the minimum time. Our code is well structured and commented because we don't just write fast, functional code; we write fast, elegant code. At the end of your project, you get everything we created for your project.



Whether you need graphics for your website, assistance in producing a winning proposal or other important document, or you need a computer-based demonstration or eLearning application, we can help. Our experience includes:

We offer quality, affordability and an in-depth understanding of your real-world business needs.



File Conversion

Applications change. Whether you're upgrading to a new version or replacing an application with a different one, there are times when you're no longer able to open that file you need. Perhaps the word processor that you use now can't open that file you spent so much time creating. You may not save your old software titles or versions (or you save them but you don't know where they are), or the software may not run in your current computer environment.

At Technocrats, we've been around for a while and we save pretty much everything! This means that we have many application software titles dating back to their original release. We also maintain a working library of older operating systems, so we are able to run those older applications. If you have a file you can't open e-mail us or give us a call. We may just be able to open your file and convert it into a format that will be more useful to you. In the event that we aren't able to work with your flle, we won't charge you for trying.

Database Conversion

Your data is important to you. You've devoted money, time and effort to create it. What do you do when the database system you've been using no longer meets your needs? With Technocrats' experience in database development and conversion, we can help you take advantage of new capabilities available in updates to your existing database manager or we can help you move to a different database management system that more closely matches your needs.

Whatever your needs, Technocrats can help you make the most of your file or database conversion.


Information Management

Information fuels today's business machine. Whether big or small, your business generates huge amounts of data everyday. Some of this data is placed in little manila folders and filed in large metal containers, static and unused forever. Some data is compressed into small balls and filed in small, round metal containers. Other data is diligently entered into your computer system where it remains dormant. Or worse, your company is not capturing data that could prove useful.

Having huge, or small, pools of data locked in file cabinets or useless datafiles doesn't really provide solutions to your information needs. In order to use this data, it must be filtered, processed and organized. New tools need to be acquired and/or developed to meet the challenge of doing business in the information age.

Technocrats can help you solve your data storage and retrieval problems by analyzing your information resources and focusing them to meet your information needs. We can help you mine your data and unlock its valuable potential.



Instructor-Led Training at Your Location

We tailor our training programs to meet your specific needs. Our training is always current because our trainers work in the areas they train in, giving them real-world knowledge that goes far beyond the user's manual. Our instructors are highly experienced and flexible, allowing them to alter the pace or direction of the training as required. The fees for our courses are based on an hourly rate, not per-person. So you can afford to train the people who need to be trained, not just one or two.

We offer training in a wide range of areas, including:

Need training? We can help. Contact us so that we can create a training program for you!

e-Learning Application Development

From leading your e-learning development efforts to helping to tweak timing and screen elements, our e-learning development experience will help you bring your learning initiatives to reality. Combining application development experience with extensive graphic, audio and video editing expertise make us a powerful member of your team.

Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) Administration

Moodle is one of the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMSs) in the world. Moodle is powerful, extensable and open source. We have extensive experience running Moodle in different configurations and environments and can help you deploy a new Moodle system or troubleshoot, administer and improve an existing Moodle installation.

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